Tom’s Water-based Ink

ImageThis is a “Pen Experiment” I suppose. Regardless, there is reason enough to post as such! I was very happy to receive a Tombow dual brush pen set (6-greyscale) to play with! These pens have both brush & micron-like tips, making them handy to flip and change while inking. Here are some inked sketches and images.

By The way, these are water-based ink pens. The ink, I find, may bleed if you lay it on thick, and even if up close (two different shades touching) it may bleed together. Of course, you can smudge the ink together as easily.

ImageThis is the original fish (posted prev?) was with a micron, or fountain pen. I used more shades. Inking black was satisfying (the eyes on the candy creature below, etc), but the shades were good texture.Image

A bigger version of that “view fish” or “ufish” organic sub thing. It was first printed with photo-blue right on sketchbook paper, which then got the ink brush/pen treatement.


And here are The Brothers. Also done with Tombows. You can still see the photo-blue. LOL The heads were from another sketch, also for the 30 Character Challenge.

Oh yeah, the bottom line? I like alcohol based inks and how the dry. This water based ink dries quick enough to use, and not mix if you are careful. I suppose its good for mixing with water colors. That’s an experiment worth pondering.

Hope you liked it, thanks for visiting, and have a great art time!

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  1. Looks interesting I am so behind on testing out all my art tools I can not add to my collection but some day…


  2. Thanks Jahh. I’ll take any excuse for a experiment post, even if its commercial products. LOL But seriously, I do not officially endorse any art tool brand. I inked with wooden Shish-Kabob sticks at one time!
    Art tool collection? I have some sketchbooks, assorted papers, an art kit briefcase I pick at, and a box where time accumulates art supplies. By the way, those Tombow markers are ok, and the quality of the ink is great. Sharp looking blacks. I have no idea how “archival” it could be. (I think I just prefer standard ink – non-water-based).

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