About Me

I’m a newborn artist, family man, and working man with a passion for art that drives me to expand my horizons. All in all, a new renaissance type of person. I love my family, art, music, and the technology tools, old and new, that allow expression. In these times, I believe I can express myself in all of those areas. I have a dayjob that takes up most of my time, so I constantly battle time to create art. This journey has inspired me to grow in ways I did not expect. It has even enhanced all other aspects of my daily life.

Having no serious art education background, I am inspired by my father, who discovered his talent for painting after finding himself unable to work with the same freedom of mobility he used to enjoy. He is no longer with us, but his fire for art lives within me.

I  am also inspired by my family, and my art friends, to whom I owe so much for their encouragement and advise.

You will find that I try many styles and techniques when it comes to the visual arts. This is my journey, and I hope I can share something of value with you, and that you in turn, pass it along. Art is all around you, every day. Enjoy!

Published on February 21, 2010 at 8:21 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. Jose, if you want a like button underneath each post, in your WP Dashboard, go to Appearance -> Extras and check “Show a like button and who has liked my post on all of my blog posts above the comments section”. There you also find a checkbox to let readers tweet about your post.

    • Looks like I had the “Like” button enabled already. But I did add the “Tweet” button now. Thanks Rene.

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