Gesture Line

Time for basics. The year started with “Gesture Line” as a topic in the Tuesday Sketch. The experience turned out to be a mini experiment. Adventures looking for a gesture line.

TS169-GestureLineI thought I had gesture lines down. Mine were recognizable as such by my peers, a long time ago! The hare took a nap, eh? I give you a bit of my search for the elusive gesture line. Should be the first thing you see, right? 🙂

photo (1)

So I picked a reference image of a lady in a courtsey pose. I suppose I could have picked a pose with more obvious gesture lines, but here we go. If you’re wondering, its from Stephen Silver’s Pose Book app.

gesture-looking-1Some initial unfocused attempts at finding a gesture line.  I used a Tombow brush pen to throw myself off. Finding more shapes than lines, eh? Focusing.


Some of these lines could be mistaken for gesture lines. Loosen up, and the lines start to make sense. Going for “flow” or visual “action”. The pose was strange, so I came up with a few lines that I think can hold it up.

gesture-foundAnd here they are. For some reason the shoulders seemed like a good starting point. And of course, the crown of the head starts one main line. The crossed legs complicated things, making this an awkward balance for the figure. I think this is how it goes to the Tuesday Sketch… very very rough. I’ll finish something off of these lines soon.

My lesson: Practice your basics frequently. Better to be in shape when you need it.

Have a great art time, and thanks for dropping by!

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